Michael Zinmans „Hard Times“

13.07.2010 Misc #Society

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Michael Zinman kauft Obdachlosen ihre Schilder ab und stellt seine Sammlung auf Design Observer vor. Die Story oben ist schonmal filmreif, aber sehr wahrscheinlich ist das auch jede Geschichte hinter jedem einzelnen Bild.

Shortly after the collapse of the twin towers in 2001, I came across an enterprising individual, Billy McKinney, pitching for 21st century alms in Columbus Circle in New York City. He had taken a piece of cardboard, and rather than plead his dire condition, came up with a different approach to getting by.

Somewhat amused, I offered him $10, bought the sign, and eventually reprinted it as my holiday greeting for the year 2001.

Being a collector, once infected, you pursue the thread, and over the past eight years, I have been accumulating a number of other, similar, signs. Some are facetious, but most are sincere pleas for help. The signs were acquired across the United States — New York, Miami, Palm Beach, St. Louis, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

Michael Zinman – Hard Times (via KFMW)