You want Google Juice? I give you Google Juice!

Jay Patrick hat mir eigentlich einen Link zu Johannes Osterhoffs (das war der mit dem iPad-Porn-Adbusting) „Apple-like bookstore at a local Ikea mall (Tempelhof)“ geschickt, den fand ich aber ein bisschen langweilig. Dafür fand ich aber seinen Real Life Googlejuice ganz erfrischend.

One of the key factors of search engine optimization that is clouded in secrecy is the mysteries Google Juice. It is ment to be an ethereal substance which flowts between web pages via their hyperlinks. The amount of Google Juice flowting around a page thus reflects how well connected it is.

After a long quest I was able to catch the myth-enshrouded liquid and to precess it for mass consumption.

Recently I was able to distill the mysterious Google Juice, the etheral substance that floats between web pages. Get your bottle, but beware, it is addictive!