The last wild west - life off the grid

(Vimeo Direktwest, via Rebellen, Katrin Sandmann)

Schönes Video von Nadav Neuhaus über Aussteiger, die ohne Strom oder Wasser mitten im Nirgendwo in New Mexico leben (und Dope anbauen). Erinnert mich sehr an Claire Martins Bilder aus Slab City, einer Kommune in der Colorado Wüste. Bitte auch unbedingt sein Portfolio anschauen, da gibt's Voodoo in Haiti, Drug Wars oder Bilder der Mars Society Research Stations:


As part of a global program of Mars exploration research, the Mars Society has set up field research stations -- habitats, or "habs" -- in sites chosen because of their Mars-like conditions. Secreted in the Utah desert, or sitting atop the harsh, icy expanse of Canada's High Arctic, once unfathomable manned expeditions to Mars come alive. Other carefully selected outposts are situated in the Australian outback and Iceland.

Volunteer scientists from around the world gather for weeks at a time clad in space suits and living in splendid isolation. This past spring, however, seasoned Mars Society explorers set out for their most ambitious expedition to date -- a four-month Mars simulation mission conducted at the society's Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station (FMARS) on the a rocky, polar desert of Devon Island, in Canada's High Arctic.