Gameboy Condoms

Sehr schöne Arbeit von Ben Marsh: Kondome in Game-Packungen und die Sechser-Packung kommt als Gameboy. Auch super, die Namen der Games: Sextris, Donkey Shlong, Bone Zone 2, Super Marios Land of Love, The long End of Zelda und – natürlich! – Dong. Ein paar mehr Bilder gibt's auch in seinem Flickr-Stream.

The Play campaign revolved around "fun"

The packaging aims create a desire to purchase the product for aesthetic reasons, rather than the necessity of condoms. Simply by owning the product, safe sex is promoted

The illustration below [ed: above] was included in the package as a printed leaflet. It portrays a humorous narrative parallel between sex, and the levels in a game. The game, which includes the use of a condom, appears fun. It does not lecture, not talk down to, simply encourages safe sex in a fun message that talks in a true, youthful voice.

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