Superman walks!

In der neuen Superman-Storyline „Grounded“, die ab #700 startet, latscht der Man of Steel einmal durch Amerika. Wenn man bedenkt, dass Kal-El normalerweise in einer Nanosekunde dreimal um den Erdball flitzt, ist das eine durchaus beachtliche Leistung. (In Amerika gibt's noch einen Contest, bei dem die Heimatkäffer der Gewinner Besuch von einem echten Supi bekommen, für uns hier nicht weiter interessant.)

"Superman can fly around the planet in seconds, but he doesn’t really see much of it. He’s above it. So let’s pin him to the ground. Let him come to a point where he realizes that while he hasn't precisely lost touch with his adopted homeworld, he does need to re-engage with that world, and America in particular, in a profoundly personal way. Let him walk across the country and get involved with the personal stories of those he encounters. Let's see America through his eyes, and Superman through America's eyes."

Hier die Meldung auf USA Today: Superman could fly into your town, Comicbook Resources und Comics Alliance haben Interviews mit Autor J. Michael Straczynski: JMS Enlists America For "Superman: Grounded", Superman To Walk Across America in 'Grounded' by J. Michael Straczynski (via io9)