3D-printed Still Lifes made from Human Ash

'birds and toaster' made from the ashes of anne lindeboom (1920 - 1984)

'dung beetle and hand vacuum cleaner' made from the ashes of john steegman (1939 - 1985)

'the weight of the honeycomb' made from the ashes of pietertje vos (1942 - 2007)

Some All people will find this disturbing:

Wieke Somers hat Stilleben mit einem 3D-Printer ausgedruckt… die aus menschlicher Asche bestehen. Das hat natürlich alles seine Bedeutung, hier ist es Ausdruck von Konsumkritik. Ich fasse meinen Kunstbegriff ja schon immer ziemlich weit und in alle möglichen Richtungen, ich überlege allerdings grade, ob ich meinen Kunstbegriff tatsächlich so weit fasse, dass ich das hier okay finde. Das Konzept zwingt auf jeden Fall zum Nachdenken, soviel steht fest.

dutch design studio wieke somers does not want to discard the many benefits of technological innovation and its inherent mentality and the joy and will to create. instead she wants to make a statement about the current state of affairs in design and our conviction that we need a new view on what is necessary in the 21st century.

her project 'consumer or conserve' evaluates this notion of a second-life. she considers, how human ashes can be reused by means of rapid prototyping or 3D printing, so that we may afford someone a 'second life' as a rocking chair, vacuum cleaner, perhaps even a toaster? would we become more attached to these objects if this was the case? would our willingness to pay more for a product increase if it is made from human tissue or ashes?

wieki somers: consume or conserve