Japanese Robot Moonbase

Die Japaner wollen innerhalb der nächsten 5 Jahre Roboter auf den Mond schießen, die dort eine Robot-Moonbase bauen sollen. Jeez, wir leben dermaßen in der Zukunft, doh!

An ambitious $2.2 billion project in the works at JAXA, the Japanese space agency, plans to put humanoid robots on the moon by 2015, and now official backing from the Prime Minister's office says the Japanese could have an unmanned lunar base up and running by 2020.

Key to all of this, of course, is the robots themselves, and who better than the Japanese to dream up and realize the kind of intelligent, self-repairing, multitasking bots that will be needed to fulfill such a mission.

Japan Plans a Moon Base by 2020, Built by Robots for Robots (via Geekosystem)