Oil Spill Webcam

Ich habe keine Ahnung, ob die Cam echt ist oder einen Videoloop zeigt, aber der Apokalypse per Webcam zuschauen, das hat was: „You are watching a live video feed of the BP Oil Spill from the Gulf of Mexico floor, 5000 feet below the surface of the water.“ (Danke Mitch!)

Und dass die Kacke da wirklich am dampfen ist (Is Deepwater Horizon still spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico?), merkt man nicht etwa an einem Logo-Wettbewerb von Greenpeace (die meisten der Logos sind leider unbrauchbar) oder daran, dass Leute tatsächlich Oil Spill-Kuchen backen (!), sondern daran, dass die Soße da jetzt schon einen Monat lang rausläuft, mittlerweile die Küsten erreicht und BP nichts besseres einfällt, als Kevin Costners Öl-Staubsauger tatsächlich einzusetzen: BP calls in Costner's $26m vacuum cleaners to mop up huge oil spill.

BP has called on Kevin Costner to help stave off environmental Armageddon.

The Hollywood star has been bobbing around the Mississippi Delta helping representatives of the British oil firm and US coastguard test-drive a stainless steel device called the Ocean Therapy. In a claim which sounds as unlikely as the plot premise of Waterworld, he says it can quickly and efficiently clean oil from tainted sea water.

Bizarrely, Costner may be on to something. The actor has spent 15 years and roughly $26m (£18m) of his personal fortune developing the patented machine with the help of his elder brother Dan, a scientist. It works like a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking up dirty liquid and then using a high-speed centrifuge to separate it into oil, and heavier water.

NOW we're doomed!

(via Interweb3000, Arbroath)