Isohunt: Another one bites the dust

Letzte Woche hat der International Anti-Piracy Caucus („a group of congressmen aligned Thee Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)“) eine Liste der sechs fiesesten Websites vorgestellt, eine Most Wanted-Liste voller „evil doers 'overwhelmingly used for the global exchange of illegal movies, music and other copyrighted works.“

1. Baidu
2. IsoHunt
3. Mp3fiesta
4. RapidShare
6. The Pirate Bay

Heute haben sie die Nummer Zwei auf der Liste platt gemacht: IsoHunt Forced to Shut Down in the US. (via Reddit)

The US District Court of California has issued a permanent injunction against the BitTorrent search engine isoHunt, forcing it to shut down in the United States. IsoHunt is expected to block all access to US visitors in response to the decision, but no action has been taken thus far.