Jack Kirbys lost Artworks


Die New York Times hat einen schönen Artikel inklusiver kleiner Bildergalerie über das Spätwerk von Comic-Legende Jack Kirby, der in den 80ern hunderte von Artworks für eine Spielzeug-Firma zeichnete, die nie in die geplanten Toys und Cartoons umgesetzt und nun wiederentdeckt wurden.

His style made Mr. Kirby a sought-after talent at DC Comics, now a piece of the Time Warner empire, and at Marvel Comics, a recent acquisition of the Walt Disney Company. At Marvel in particular he played a crucial role in creating superheroes like the Fantastic Four, the Hulk and the X-Men — work that is now at the center of a property dispute between the heirs of Mr. Kirby, who died in 1994, and Marvel and Disney.

Those same signature design elements are also vividly on display in hundreds of illustrations for never-produced cartoon shows and toy lines that Mr. Kirby created in the 1980s for the animation studio Ruby-Spears Productions — work that thus far does not belong to any of the media conglomerates and that has been seen by few people.

New York Times: Jack Kirby’s Heroes in Waiting, Slideshow: Jack Kirby's Characters (via MeFi)