Rockin'n'rollin', Rebel riding, Motorbikin' Tunes

10.04.2010 Misc Music #Bikes

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Ich höre mir grade den Mix von You got good taste (It's Rock'n'Roll for Weirdos!) an und wenn Ihr was für Tarantino-Soundtracks, Psychobilly und Russ Meyer übrig habt, dann macht Ihr das jetzt auch.

This month’s mix 'Motorpsycho!' screeches into your ears with one hour of rockin'n'rollin', rebel riding, motorbikin' tunes. So for all of you out there with the ‘too fast to live, to young to die’ mentality, whether your a leather clad ton up boy, or a hard riding she devil on wheels, it doesn’t matter, cos this exhilarating show is dedicated to all of you motorcycle maniacs.

YOU GOT GOOD TASTE volume 20 - Motorpsycho! (via PCL)