March3: 45 Minuten Illustration-Scroll als Musikvideo

(Vimeo Direktmarch, via Interweb3000)

Für das Album „March 3“ von The Few Moments hat Ira Marcks eine mehr als 15 Meter breite Illustration gemalt, die im Video zum Album innerhalb von 45 Minuten an einem vorüber zieht. Das Album kann man hier kaufen, hier mehr Infos zu den Illus und hier hat Jake Lodwick die ganze Story aufgeschrieben.

After wrapping the record, I asked my favorite illustrator Ira if he wanted to do something kind of… weird. Let’s not make a music video and let’s not make ‘album art’. Ira, can you make a loooonnnng illustration that scrolls across the viewer’s screen for the entire 45 minute album? He said, Sounds good, pay up and I’ll get back to you in a few months.

The months dragged on (but who cares when ART MUST EXIST WITHOUT COMPROMISE?) … And he returned with 50 feet of painstakingly, achingly detailed and imaginative, hand-drawn art. Totally original stuff — the sort of magic you only get when one brilliant person tunnels into an impossibly ambitious project for a really long time.