Rare Steve McQueen-Shots

Das LIFE Mag hat in seinem Bilderarchiv gekramt und 20 bislang unveröffentlichte Fotos der coolsten Sau aller coolen Säue gefunden. Oben sitzt Steve McQueen in seinem überstylishen Wohnzimmer in Hollywood und ist 'ne coole Socke.

McQueen takes a call in the living room of his eclectic home in Hollywood. "Man, if I didn't make my own scene, I could have wound up a hood instead of an actor," he told LIFE at the time, reflecting on a rough-and-tumble past that included a stint in a school for problem kids and 41 days in the brig for going AWOL while in the Marines.

Steve McQueen: 20 Never-Seen Photos (via MeFi)