Captain Future-Film kommt!

(Youtube Direktcaptainfuture)

Filmnews blogge ich ja bei den Filmfreunden, aber manchmal kommen da viel zu sensationelle Sachen, da kann ich nicht anders als „Fuck Yeah, Fuck Yeah, Fuck Yeah, sie machen einen Big Budget Captain Future-Film!“

CAPTAIN FUTURE will be about Curtis Newton’s first adventure and therefore – in part – his origin story. We are also in development on a possible sequel called CAPTAIN FUTURE – WIZARD OF SCIENCE which would be ready instantly if box office returns are promising.

And yes, since I get your question all the time: “Will we see the COMET in 3D?” You bet we we will!”

Christian Alvart (Pandorum, Antikörper) verfilmt Captain Future! (Bild via ozzywu1974)