Fotografie: Claire Martin

Claire Martin wollte zunächst Sozialarbeiterin werden, ist dann aber auf Fotografie umgeschwenkt. Ihr Fotoserie über die sozialen Brennpunkte der Vancouver Downtown Eastside hat ihr mehrfache Auszeichnungen eingebracht, nochmal eine Spur interessanter finde ich aber ihre Reihe „Slab City“, in der sie eine Kommune portraitiert, die in der Colorado Wüste in Kalifornien in Trailern und verlassenen Bunkern lebt.

Der Herr mit dem bunten Hut ganz oben ist Poohba, das zweite Bild zeigt ein „old sewer tank home with hanging bed“.

The people who stay year after year could be described as poverty stricken, living in possibly the worst conditions in the USA, and some residents would tell you this is the truth. Others fiercely defend their lifestyle as a deliberate choice to reject the mainstream society. For these people Slab City provides a freedom they'd never experienced before.

There are others who were forced here through circumstance; society wont tolerate them due to their pasts as felons, addicts or vagrants, but who whole heartedly embrace the opportunity to live in a community that wont judge them. Slab City is a place for the broken and desperate and for the fierce defenders of freedom from tyranny. But more than anything else, it is what this small group of people call home.

Slab City (via Jeriko)