Mikal Hameeds Soundsystem-Art

(Vimeo Direktsystem)

Mikal Hameeds Soundsystem-Kunst hatte ich schonmal vor ein paar Monaten, jetzt hat der Mann eine Tour durch New Yorker Galerien mit einem Event in Brooklyn beendet, Juxtapoz hat ein kleines Interview mit ihm, Snip:

Where are you from, where have you lived and where are you at now?

I'm from punk rock, hip hop, early skateboarders, mixed with 80's b-boyism. I grew up in Los Angeles, drinking Budwiser under age and singing punk rock in back yard pool parties. Later I found myself in San Fran, drinking red wine with Doze Green, during the return of the DJ revolution. Now I'm a working class artist living in Brooklyn and father of three being a good husband.

Mikal (M11X) Hameed ends his tour in Brooklyn THIS FRIDAY!