Paul Davies, Alien-Kontakter am SETI

Der Guardian hat einen superinteressanten Artikel über Paul Davies, am SETI Vorsitzender der Post-Detection Task Group und sehr wahrscheinlich der Wissenschaftler, der als erster mit Aliens im Kontaktfall kommunizieren würde.

Paul is a British-born theoretical physicist, cosmologist and astrobiologist at Arizona State University. He lives his life at an incredibly high level of amazingness. He lectures at the Vatican, the Smithsonian, Davos and the UN. He has an asteroid named after him – the Pauldavies Asteroid. He's a passionate scientific communicator and a grumpy man of enormous intellect.

A telephone near us keeps letting off a loud and unexpected ring, and whenever it does, Paul looks extremely cross and says, "This is terribly annoying." I can't help thinking that if the aliens do make contact, his automatic response will be to screw up his face in irritation and yell: "WHAT?"

First contact: The man who'll welcome aliens (via MeFi)