Feeder: Shortfilm about Food from inside your Mouth

(Youtube Direktfeeder)

Pünktlich zum Frühstück: „Feeder - a short film that will make you feel sick“. Ein Kurzfilm über Essen, gefilmt mit einer Mikrokamera aus einer Superegoperspektive aus dem Inneren des Mundes. Der Film läuft im März auf dem SXSW-Festival und ich wünsche einen superguten Appetit allerseits.

We want it. We buy it. We eat it. We swallow it down whole. But what does our body see when we stick it in our mouth? Filmed entirely from inside the mouth, feeder tells a simple story of excess over the course of a single day.

The story is told without characters, locations or dialogue. Instead, it unfolds through all the different things someone puts it their mouth over the course of a day, and the sounds that these make.

From brushing teeth in the morning, to eating and drinking the night away, what we consume always looks alluring to the naked eye, but to our bodies it can be repulsive. By simply turning the camera around to see events from inside the mouth, we see consumption in an entirely new light - what were once beautiful objects of desire or need, are suddenly, and instantaneously, transformed into something truly disgusting.

Website zum Film: Feeder Feeder (via Underwire)