Dancing with Demons: Evangelikales Buch gegen Rock reviewed

Ein sehr schönes Blog namens Studies in Crap rezensiert ein Buch namens Dancing With Demons von einem Evangelikalen und heraus kommt der vielleicht lustigste Blogeintrag aller Zeiten: „Multiplied millions of young people are being sacrificed to this master demon as they pass through the fires of rock.“

"On the inner sleeve of 'Licensed to Ill,' the following words are stuck between pictures of the in-concert Beastie Boys taking a booze bath: 'SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE TO RUN DMC & JAM-MASTER JAY.' Why did they use the word 'knowledge' instead of 'acknowledgement?' What secrets passed between the groups, and why be so mysterious about it?" […] "Run-DMC are role models, all right, but for whom? The answer is obvious -- LUCIFER." […]

Rolling Stones: "The most infamous band of doped-up Black Magic monsters of all time."
David Bowie: "Bisexual coke head"
Paul McCartney: "Pro-homo dopehead"
Tina Turner: "The inner sleeve of 'Break Every Rule' features a full length photo of Tina wearing a slitted mini-dress which barely covers her backside. The entire picture is bathed in red, the color of harlotry."
Amy Grant: "She and a friend sunbathed naked on the beach"

LL Cool J, satanist: Studies in Crap presents Dancing With Demons (via MeFi)