Apocalypse Pooh: Story of the 1st Video-Mashup

(Youtube Direktpooh, via MeFi)

Movie City News hat die Geschichte der Video-Mashups aufgeschrieben und den Ursprung auf Todd Grahams „Apocalypse Pooh“ zurückverfolgt, „a hilarious and surreal amalgamation of Apocalypse Now and Winnie The Pooh. The simple and highly effective pairing of two endearing and enduring iconic 20th Century properties, became an 80s tape-trading sensation“. Dort haben sie noch ein langes und superinteressantes Interview mit Graham:

The true chronology of the video mashup is rather sketchy. The confusion comes from the overlap between it and its oft mistaken cousin (in certain media circles) Culture Jamming, which is a politicised version of the mashup. Early provocateurs like Emergency Broadcast Network, CutUp, Guerilla Girls, Yes Men and The KLF were pranksters taking pot shots at the State, Art Scene and Big Business.

At the other end of the scale are the descendants of our aforementioned VHS/LP imaginary masher and others who discovered the joys of watching late night televison with different audio sources, waiting for that epiphany of unexplainable synchronicity.

Apocalypse Pooh and the Birth of the Video Mashup