Van Gogh-Tasse mit Silikonohr-Henkel


Designer Mike Mak hat diese Tasse mit einem Ohr aus Silikon gestaltet, das Ohr ist flexibel und man kann es lang ziehen und verdrehen und solche Sachen. Außerdem heisst die Tasse „Dear Van Gogh – Handle this object carefully“ und basiert auf Vincent Van Goghs Ohrläppchenstory.

On 23 December 1888, frustrated and ill, Van Gogh confronted Gauguin with a razor blade. In panic, Van Gogh left their hotel and fled to a local brothel. While there, he cut off the lower part of his left ear lobe. He wrapped the severed tissue in newspaper and gave it to a prostitute named Rachel, asking her to 'Handle this object carefully.' […]

Dear Van Gogh is a silicon mug that integrated with a realistic flexible ear. It could replace the punishment from MUM/ Wife / Girlfriend And it is a good listener to keep your secrets and grumbling. You can also customize it with your favourate earrings.

Dear Van Gogh (via Cakehead)