Artwork sells itself on Ebay

25.01.2010 Misc #Art #Ebay

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Caleb Larsen hat 2008 einen schwarzen Plastikwürfel mit Internet-Verbindung gebaut und einem Script, der das Teil seit dem auf Ebay verkauft, sobald das Ding einen neuen Käufer fand, wird automatisch eine neue Auktion gestartet, die aktuelle Auktion steht bei nicht weniger als $4259. Erinnert mich irgendwie an Google will eat itself, nur anders.

A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter, 2009, is a black, acrylic box that places itself for sale on eBay every seven days thanks to an internet connection, which, according to the artist's conditions of sale, must be live at all times. Disconnections are only allowed during transportation, says the creator.

Larsen tells "Inside the black box is a micro controller and an Ethernet adapter that contacts a script running on server ever 10 minutes. The server script checks to see if box currently has an active auction, and if it doesn't, it creates a new auction for the work. The script is hosted on a server to allow for updates and upgrades if and when the eBay API (the interface used for 3rd party programs to talk to eBay) changes."

The technology is designed specifically so that the buying and selling process could carry on ad infinitum, suggests Larsen, who adds that, if eBay "dries up and disappears, then another platform, either propriety or public, can be used for the selling."

Artwork selling itself on eBay, „A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter“ auf Caleb Larsens Website (via /.)