Dave MacDowells Hendrix in Wonderland


Dave MacDowells Popkultur-Paintings hatte ich hier auch schon öfter (und dieses „hatte ich auch schon öfter“ lasse ich mir demnächst patentieren), der hat in der zwischenzeit aber einige neue Gemälde am Start, obiger „Hendrix in Wonderland“ ist sein neuestes, hier in groß auf Flickr.

Und apropos Hendrix: Von dem kommt im März ein „neues“ Album namens „mit Coverversionen von Creams „Sunshine of your Love“ (YT).

The volume of Hendrix's music is about to get turned up.

Today, the Hendrix estate and Sony Music Entertainment will announce the March 9 release of a "new" Hendrix album, "Valleys of Neptune," which will feature a dozen unreleased recordings.

The late star's sister, Janie Hendrix, calls the material a "major revelation" about her brother's musical directions at the time of his death, but the project and Sony's intense interest in it also reveal plenty about the modern music marketplace -- namely that proven stars of the past, even the dead ones, are growing more important to an industry facing an uncertain future.

Jimi Hendrix fans have a new experience in store (via Dangerous Minds)