Abandoned Biosphere 2


BLDGBLOG hat ein schönes Posting über eine Fotoserie zum 1991er Experiment Biosphere 2 (Wikipedia), in dem eine abgeschlossene Biosphere gebaut wurde inklusive einem künstlichen Mini-Meer. Das Ding steht jetzt immer noch in der Wüste in Arizona, wird ab und zu von der Universität genutzt und verrottet langsam vor sich hin.

Photographer Noah Sheldon got in touch the other week with a beautiful series of photos documenting the decrepit state of Biosphere 2, a semi-derelict bio-architectural experiment in the Arizona desert.

The largest sealed environment ever created, constructed at a cost of $200 million, and now falling somewhere between David Gissen's idea of subnature—wherein the slow power of vegetative life is unleashed "as a transgressive animated force against buildings"—and a bioclimatically inspired Dubai, Biosphere 2 even included its own one million-gallon artificial sea.

"The structure was billed as the first large habitat for humans that would live and breathe on its own, as cut off from the earth as a spaceship," the New York Times wrote back in 1992, but the project was a near-instant failure.

Remnants of the Biosphere