Schrumpfköpfe FTW!

14.11.2009 Misc #Horror #Weird

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Wie sonst kann man einen Samstagmorgen besser kickstarten, als mit einem Video einer Schrumpfkopf-Zeremonie? Höchstens mit einem Video einer Schrumpfkopf-Zeremonie, während der nackte Zombie-Pinups zu Dead or Alives „You spin me round like a record“ Hula-Hula tanzen. Aber man kann ja nicht alles haben.

Unedited Transcript:

The National Geographic Channel has obtained what may be the only existing footage of an actual human head-shrinking ceremony in South America.

SOUND: Deep within the worlds largest rain forest live a people that once practiced the infamous ritual.. of head-shrinking.

In its special, author and explorer Piers Gibbon set out to find out if the film is genuine.

The film was made in 1961 by Polish Explorer Edmundo Bielawski, who, with a team of seven, set out to explore and document the worlds largest rain forest: The Amazon.

Head-shrinking was only practiced by one portion of the Amazon jungle-dwelling population- the Shuar. Headshrinking was a form of summary justice carried out on enemies. The shrinking process was deemed necessary to stop the victims evil spirit from seeking revenge.

Rare Headshrinking Footage Confirmed? (via Digg)