Paper Cut Maps

Studio K hat alle Flächen aus Karten von New York und Paris ausgeschnitten und so das Netzwerk aus Straßen, Gassen und Parks freigelegt. Und wenn man die Dinger einmal wieder zusammenfaltet, kriegt man sie nie, nie wieder auseinander.


By removing the unnecessary, this New York City map-cut reveals the “paths, nodes, circles, boulevards, parks and streets” of the greatest city in the world.

Each of the four 3″ x 4″ paper panels fit together like panes of window. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx are all represented, but it’s only when they’re combined and placed against a colorful backdrop that the city begins to take shape.

It must have taken a large amount of time and patience to create something like this. That’s probably why the one-of-a-kind piece is being sold for $550.00.

New York City and Paris ‘Map Cuts’ (via Notcot)