Währung aus Antimaterie

19.10.2009 Misc
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Jonathan Keats hat für seine kommende Ausstellung in der Modernism Gallery in San Francisco eine Währung aus Antimaterie erfunden. Und kommt auch nur ein Businesskasper mit seinen gierigen Griffeln der Kohle zu nahe kommt, explodiert das Geld und Businesskasper in einem gleißenden Energieball ins Nichts. Auch nett: Die Star Trek Enterprise könnte, wenn ihr der Treibstoff mal ausgeht, einfach Geld verbrennen, womit die auf einmal was mit Bankern gemeinsam hätte. Und ich hätte auch nie gedacht, dass ich Astrophysik, Ökonomie, Kunst und Star Trek mal in einem Posting unterbringe, yay!

“The anti-economy supported and financed by the First Bank of Antimatter will necessarily be independent of ours,” Keats explained in an e-mail to Wired.com. “And if some analyst ventures too far into that territory, he’ll explode with a force of approximately 2,140,000 kilotons of TNT.”

The First Bank of Antimatter, opening Nov. 12 at San Francisco’s Modernism gallery, fits the 38-year-old artist like an underwater mortgage fits American homeowners. Our hyper-real economy, drunk on rampant debt securitization with little in the way of real value or regulation, has sundered the global marketplace. It has also nearly choked the dollar to death.

While the Great Depression found the world economy severing its connection to the gold standard in search of normalcy. Our economy, Keats argues, should sever its connection to the material world altogether.

“Backed by paper, our economy depends on good faith, which tends to be in short supply,” said Keats. “Since my alternative currency is secured by antimatter positrons, which are finite in quantity, antimatter depository notes avoid that problem. It’s abstract like fiat money, yet accountable like currency backed by precious metals.”

Jonathon Keats Derails Econopocalypse With Antimatter Currency