Kunstraub-Kunst vom Los Angeles Police Department


Das Los Angeles Police Department macht Wanted-Poster für gestolene Kunstwerke und die gibt's als PDF, groß genug, um damit einen anständigen Print herzustellen. Mindestens obigen LAPD-Warhol würde ich mir jederzeit in die Butze hängen.

Seriously, there is some great art in LA. Or at least there was, until it got JACKED.

Richard Weisman's Warhols may be the biggest art heist of the year--and it definitely has the greatest poster--but just take a look at this small, curated showcase of some of LA's greatest stolen art. If you have seen any of it lately, of course, please contact the LAPD:

LAPD: Crime Alerts and Latest Stolen Art, Greatest Hits: Highlights From The LAPD Art Theft Detail's Wanted Gallery (via Dinosaurs and Robots)