Ein Van aus Kameras: Automorphosis


Dieser Van von Harrod Blank besteht (neben dem Van) aus über 2700 Kameras und promotet grade den Film „Automorphosis“, eine Doku über Leute, die ihre Autos in Kunstwerke umbauen. Snip von der Filmwebsite:

(Youtube Direktautos)

AUTOMORPHOSIS looks into the minds and hearts of a delightful collection of eccentrics, visionaries, and just plain folks who have transformed their autos into artworks.

On a humorous and touching journey, we discover what drives the creative process for these unconventional characters. And in the end, we find that an art car has the power to change us -- to alter our view of our increasingly homogeneous world.

What the Google Street View car could have looked like, Automorphosis (via Gearfuse)