Drei Mashup-Beats-Remix-Soundtrack-Destroyer-Alben für lau

13.10.2009 Misc
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WFMU hat seine Show „People like us“ für diesen Sommer zum Ende gebracht und haut jetzt einen ziemlich eklektischen Mix zum Ende der Saison mit Mashups von ToToM oder DJ Morgoth, Beats von Kid Koala den cheesy Pop von den Beach Boys oder den Wings. Und das Gejodel von Mary Schneider.

It's the end of the Summer Season and so time for DO or DIY to unplug the ethernet cable, give the ol' modem a bit of a dust and take the next season off. But before we go we haven't forgotten that it's somewhat a tradition to make a downloadable collection of the best of all things avant retard for your ears and eye-pods, you lucky people - complete with downloadable artwork. So here it is. I always say there's nothing like art, and this is nothing like art.

People Like Us end of season album download (via Mutant Pop)

Dann hätten wir hier noch einen DJ Superix, der allerdings nur 160 Hip Hop-Tracks zu einem Mix verwurstet.

Ultimate. There’s simply no better word to describe the grooves, rhythms & drums that powered hip-hop in its infancy & throughout its golden age. The hugely legendary, often diversely compiled, but always forever loved ‘Ultimate Breaks & Beats’ series remain the true building blocks on which the music born of the Bronx, invaded & conquered our whole world. It’s the art of the DJ that Superix pays homage to here: clocking in at an impressive 160 separate records, over 2 cds Extremely listenable, and a lot of good fun, this mix is unique! Complete with lush artwork referencing the infamous, mysterious Street Beat graffiti covers, which every self-respecting hip hop fiend has at least a few of hidden in the collection.

DJ Superix presents: ‘Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate’

Und schließlich haben Twister Records 33 Künstler gefragt, Covers von Soundtracks einzuspielen und dabei keinerlei Samples zu verwenden. Herausgekommen sind zum Beispiel eine Chiptunes-Version von „Duelling Banjos“ und mehr oder weniger schick nachgespielte John Carpenter-Themes zu „Assault on Precinct 13“ und „Halloween“.

we asked 33 artists to reinvent an original movie soundtrack. To make the exercise a little more exciting, we asked them to avoid the use of any sample extracted from the original tracks, as we wanted them to produce real covers, instead of remixes.

The result is an incredible musical maelström, where banjos mutate into 8bit synthesizers, keyboards into guitars, and American rappers into French singers…

Various artists – Ego Twister Movie Ruiners (via Netzfeuilleton)