Minivegas' interaktive Echtzeit-Musikvisualisierung

(Youtube Direkt)

Minivegas haben eine virtuelle Gallerie programmiert, die Musik bzw. MP3s visualisiert und diese Visualisierungen sind in Echtzeit von Betrachtern beinflussbar. Was damit möglich ist, sieht man in obigem Video, Snip:

In this installation-like piece, the user can interact with sound driven sculptures of several forms. There are old friends like metaballs, particle systems, simulations and more. Those generative 3D elements make up the nice, rainbow-coloured, neo-futuristic shapes we all love so much.

This is all based on a custom made software architecture with quite some nice technical specs such as 60fps playback, dualcore, GPU based, OpenGL and FFT to drive the graphics from the audio — all the nerdy acronyms you want.

Minivegas does it in realtime, Minivegas Responsive Sculptures