(Youtube Direktwolle, via Notcot)

Sehr schöner Clip für MusicID mit animierter Wolle. Auf der Website von This is for reels gibts noch ein Making of und eine nette Hintergrund-Story.

In the rubble of the recession and after being laid off from their jobs at a San Francisco based production company, two rambunctious youngsters, Tony Benna, and Adam Avilla, joined forces to try their might at becoming an artistic superpower. Searching for a target for their creative chi, they met with a small local San Francisco cell phone application company called Gravity Mobile. The project that Gravity presented them allowed all the creative freedom that the team desired thus causing a massive creative explosion.

That explosion spawned a notion to animate one of the most unruly mediums known to man: Yarn, which has a similar controllability to boiled spaghetti. With a box of yarn, some black foam core, and a glue gun the two got to work. They rigorously trained the yarn to be more obedient to their wishes and whims. After two cold months in a dark warehouse bedroom, which they transformed into a shooting stage, they still had not mastered the ungovernable medium, but they had learned to embrace its dubious nature. The result of the exploration left Adam and Tony conjoined at the temple and deprived of precious vitamin D.