Kofi Annans „Beds are Burning“-Aktion zur Klimakonferenz

(Youtube Direktclimate, via Arbroath)

Kofi Annan hat die Aktion „Beds are burning“ gestartet, die zum Start der Klimakonferenz im Dezember in Kopenhagen nochmal Druck aufbauen soll. Die Aktion ist rund um das Cover von Midnight Oild „Beds are burning“ aufgebaut, jeder Download des Songs, an dem über 60 Künstler weltweit mitgewirkt haben, entspricht der Unterzeichnung einer Petition, mein Download läuft und das, obwohl die Scorpions dabei sind.

Mr. Annan said:

"Climate change is the greatest humanitarian challenge facing mankind today. And it is a challenge that has a grave injustice at its heart. It is the major developed economies of the world which contribute the overwhelming majority of global greenhouse emissions. But it is the poorer and least developed nations that are hit hardest by its impact.

"By downloading 'Beds Are Burning' for free from major music download platforms on the internet, people from around the world will be adding their names to this growing global petition -- joining the campaign for climate justice and becoming a climate ally.

"This will be the first time ever that a musical petition has been created to demand decisive action from our world leaders. I believe it can become the Band Aid for the internet generation."

Kofi Annan Launches 'Beds are Burning' Global Musical Petition to Demand Climate Justice