Geek Funeral in einem Sun SPARC


Ich habe keine Ahnung, wie echt das hier ist, aber WTF: Live like a Geek, die like a geek. Die Vorstellung allein! Wenn ich mal begraben werde, dann in meinem C64, fuck yeah! Christian schreibt mir: „Manchmal findet man Geek Stuff an den ungewöhnlichsten Stellen. Eine Sun Sparc als Urne? PostIt statt Kränzen? Aus einem Ahnenforschung-Newsletter den ich lese:“

Live the life of a geek, die like a geek. And be buried like one also. While short on details, several photos on Flickr claim to show the final resting place of a true geek: inside a Sun Sparcstation computer (like a PC only much more powerful).

Using a pseudonym of Sam 3.14, the person who took the photographs writes, "I've not seen this topic covered here before even though it's one that will concern us all at some time: what to do with our corporeal remains after we've left for that great data bank in the sky. For my recently departed brother (long illness, don't smoke!), I thought this nice SPARCstation would be a cool place to spend eternity. Yes, he's really in there (after cremation).

A Geek Funeral (Danke Christian!)