DIY Steampunk Arcade feat. Frankenstein


Diesen sehr schicken DIY Steampunk Arcade-Dings hätte ich eigentlich in die Links gepackt, aber dann entdeckte ich die grün leuchtenden Frankensteins auf der Seite: Monster links, seine Braut plus Mad Scientist rechts. It's alive! Aaaaaaw!

I like steampunk, Harper Goff (designed the disney Nautilus from 20,000 leagues) and Kenneth Strickfaden (set designer and prop builder for Boris Karloff's Frankenstein. I thought it would be fun to combine all that into a MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator) cabinet to play video games and use as a jukebox. I found all kinds of inspiration at places like Stelter Creative's website, The Steampunk Workshop and many others.

Dr. Victor Frankensteins Monster Arcade (via BoingBoing, Steampunk Workshop)