Kid Koalas Rock-Scratch-Turntablism-Album for free

Kid Koalas neuestes Projekt „The Slew“ hat ein Rock-Scratch-Turntablism-Album am Start und das gibt's für lau auf seiner Website. Snip aus 'nem Interview mit Wired:

Canadian turntablist Kid Koala is bringing the noise with his latest project, a stellar rock-hop collaboration called The Slew that effectively weds DJ skills and studio wizardry with raw rock ‘n’ roll power.

“I think rock kids who hate turntables may listen to The Slew and get over their preconceptions pretty quickly,” said Kid Koala, aka Eric San, in an e-mail interview with

San, 35, collaborated with Dylan Frombach (aka Dynomite D) to create Slew’s spine-shaking debut, 100%, which is available free from San’s official website.

During production of 100%, San and Frombach made a point of turning up the tech by any means necessary. The result was studio and vinyl manipulation and amplification, enhanced by mixing from Beastie Boys’ producer Mario Caldato Jr., that is capable of turning heads and damaging ears.

“When we started this album four-and-a-half years ago,” said San, “we would constantly ask ourselves, ‘What would it sound like if The Bomb Squad or The Dust Brothers had produced a Black Sabbath record?’”

Then they reverse-engineered classic rock ‘n’ roll recordings and transferred their findings to their instruments of choice.

Album Download: Music is meant to be heard… THE SLEW: 100%, Wired Interview: The Slew’s Monster-Rock Mash Turns Turntablism to 11