2D ASCII Portal fertig für Win, Mac, Linux

23.09.2009 Games Misc #Portal

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Joe Larson hat sein 2D ASCII-Portal fertig programmiert, das Game gibts ab sofort für lau für Windows, Mac und Linux und es ist immer noch ein ziemlicher Mindfuck.

See high res text graphics. Master physics bending puzzles. Escape the test chambers. Play ASCIIpOrtal!

ASCIIpOrtal is a unique puzzle game. You can create custom maps so even when the game is over the fun doesn’t need to end. Use a text editor or the ASCIIpOrtal Maps Editor by Mads Lund and share the maps you create on the ASCIIpOrtal forum.

ASCIIpOrtal is by Joe Larson with sounds designed by Steve Fenton. Original concept inspired by Increpare’s Portile game, Super Serif Bros, and Valve’s Portal. Source code is included in the zip. Simply unzip and play.

ASCIIpOrtal (via BoingBoing)

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