D*Face Artshow


Streetartist D*Face stellt derzeit in der Jonathan LeVine Gallery aus, auf der Website gibt's jede Menge Bilder und Wired hat ein nettes Portrait:

“I’ve seen it rise from nothing to this,” D*Face explained in an e-mail from London. “It still blows me away that Shepard created Obama’s campaign poster and Banksy is a household name. My mum seems to know more about what he does than I do, because she reads the Daily Mail. Well at least that’s what she says. Maybe my mum is Banksy!”

Called “Ludovico Aversion Therapy” in honor of A Clockwork Orange’s infamous media torture method, D*Face’s Gotham bow continues at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery through October 10. Its various inspirations are similarly subversive. The exhibit’s subtitled “All Your Dreams are Owned by Us,” a riff on the internet meme sensation “All your base are belong to us.” Its creator’s collage method is an homage to a wide range of imagery, from skateboarding graphics and early ’80s graffiti to comics and the Surrealist assemblage tradition known as exquisite corpse.

Artist D*Face Drops Ludovico Hammer on Comics, Rock, Art

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