Japanische Flexidisc-Cover


Flexidiscs waren dünne Vinylscheibchen in den 70ern und 80ern, die meistens irgendwelchen Magazinen beigelegt waren, ab und zu stolpert man auch heute noch über die Dinger. Pink Tentacle hat eine schöne Coversammlung mit jeder Menge Godzillas und japanischen Batman-Flexidiscs.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Japan saw an explosion in the popularity of sonosheets — cheap, flexible phonograph records printed on thin sheets of vinyl. Widely available from a variety of publishers, the most popular sonosheets featured theme music from TV anime, manga and tokusatsu, and they often came packaged inside booklets featuring colorful artwork. The sonosheet boom was short-lived, though — many companies went under as the market became flooded in the 1970s, and the phenomenon all but disappeared by the 1980s. Here is a small sample of the vast array of sonosheet cover art from that era.

Sonosheet cover art