Buch-Trailer zu „Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper“

(Youtube Direktpapercraft, via Notcot)

Ich liebe diesen Trailer zum neuen Buch „Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper“, das Video gibt's in besserer Qualität auf der Website vom Gestalten Verlag und wer mir verrät, wie der fantastische Track ab Minute 1:30 heisst, gewinnt 'nen Keks.

From playful and whimsical to downright painstaking, paper is resurging among young artists and designers worldwide as an experimental material for design. This video teaser for Gestalten’s upcoming book, Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper, showcases the often bright, punchy and pop-culture-relevant work from artists Jeremais Boettcher, Julien Vallée, Asif Mian and more — who employ techniques as simple as cutting and folding to cutting-edge like embossing and laser cutting.

A true best-of collection, the book gathers the most extraordinary creations independent of discipline; all demonstrate reaching towards new artistic heights. An accompanying DVD includes printable templates for creating paper toys plus a curated selection of stop-motion animations.

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