Jack Kirbys Mickey Mouse und mehr Marvel/Disney-Mashups


Nachdem Disney Marvel für lockere 4 Millarden Dollar gekauft hat, kommen die unvermeidlichen Marvel/Disney-Mashups rein. Superpunch sammelt hier und hier und das beste Mashup dürfte dieser Original Mickey von Marvels Jack Kirby sein, der für das 1991er Buch „The Art of Mickey Mouse“ entstand.

Back in 1991, I did a coffee table art book “The Art of Mickey Mouse”, I got artists from around the world to do their interpertation of “The World’s Favorite Mouse.” One of the first people I called was Jack Kirby. He and his wife Roz were very excited about the idea. He sent me two drawings, as I recall, and I chose this one. I colored it “animation style,” with the black line on an overlay and the background colors underneath. Jack’s contribution was part of a touring exhibit of art from the book throughout Japan. So, Marvel is called by some fans “The House that Jack Built” (not, in my opinion to take ANYTHING away from the brilliant genius Stan Lee’s more than vital part.) And here’s Jack doing Mickey! Is this weird, or what?

MAN OR MOUSE? Disney/Marvel