Fotos aus dem Kriminalmuseum in Wien

Curious Expeditions waren im Kriminalmuseum in Wien und haben ein Flickr-Set mitgebracht.

Yellowed skulls, medieval torture devices, bloody gloves, newspaper depictions of murder, death masks, rusty axes - the Kriminalmuseum (Criminal Museum) in Vienna, Austria is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. D and I have been to a number of medical museums and have seen many different forms of deceased bodies, but were ill-prepared for this seemingly endless museum of murder.

The Kriminalmuseum is meant to be about more than simply murder. There are indeed displays of counterfeit money, lock picking, brothels, and police investigation, however these displays are few and far between. Mostly, images of bodies axed to bits and the skulls of murderers and victims fill the space. It can be rather difficult to get through, and yet a morbid fascination pulls you along.