Octopus aus geknüpften, recycleten Kabeln


Hier ein Octopus aus geknüpften, recycleten Kabeln aus alten Fernsehern für grade mal 900$.

General dimensions are -
64cm / 25 inches (diameter)
12cm /4.5 inches (height, without tentacles)
23cm /9 inches (individual tentacle length)

My work is created on frames often referred to as "French Dollies" or "Knitting Nansies" - as a child I used a wooden cotton reel with 4 nails around the hole to produce long lengths of tubing. I now make my own frames in the sizes and shapes I want.

All of my work is created using recycled electrical wire that I salvage from scrap electrical goods (tv sets / slot machines etc.)

Small Octopus - Knitted Recycled Electrical Wire Sculpture (via Notcot)