Anatomie-Ausstellung in London

Morgen eröffnet in London eine Ausstellung historischer Anatomie-Wachsmodelle, der Guardian hat eine „schöne“ Galerie, Snip:

The Wellcome Collection in London is about to open a peep show – and of a kind not seen in Britain for well over a century, since the last public museum of medical waxworks was smashed to pieces by the London Metropolitan police. The Wellcome's normally chaste white galleries have been transformed for a new show called Exquisite Bodies, which gathers together centuries of anatomical models of human bodies and body parts, created to educate, terrify and titillate.

The exhibition's designers say it will be part university lecture, part artist's anatomy lesson, part Victorian fairground booth. The oldest pieces, works made in ivory or wood in the 17th and 18th centuries, come from private collections in Europe. But most of the pieces, made in tinted wax, have a rowdier history, often conveying physical deformity or grotesque disease in lurid detail, and displayed in crowd-thrilling museums and travelling fairs from the 19th century onwards. The Roca museum, the original home of many of the pieces in the show, survived in the red-light district of Barcelona until 1935, and was considered so educational, particularly as a warning against the horrors of venereal disease, that at one point it was maintained by the Red Cross.

Graphic and ghoulish: The Wellcome's cadaverous Exquisite Bodies show, Bilder-Galerie (via Morbid Anatomy)