ComicCon Cosplay-Übergalerie


MaximumPC hat eine Galerie mit nicht weniger als 600 Bildern von Cosplayern auf der ComicCon 2009.

After four days of wandering the show floor, sitting in on movie studio panels, and epic line waiting, we've come out of Comic-Con 2009 with the mother load: 600 (yes, SIX HUNDRED) photos of the most intricate, sexy, and spellbinding cosplay that showed up this year. Star Wars and Superheroes were well represented, but we also snapped up shots of PC gaming icons, including several Team Fortress 2 teams and an amazing Left 4 Dead group. Legions of slave Leias weren't afraid to bare their skin and the forces of Cobra proudly showed off their guns.

The Comic-Con 2009 Cosplay Gallery -- 600 Amazing Costumes (via Digg)