Drew Friedmans Tor Johnson-Comics feat. Plan 9 from outer Space-Zombie


ZOMG! Golden Age Comicbook Storys hat Drew Friedmans Tor Johnson-Comics. Drew Friedman ist eine Comic-Legende, die schon für Heavy Metal und Weirdo gezeichnet hat. Und Tor Johnson ist der schwedische Wrestler, der den Zombie Inspector Dan Clay in Ed Woods „Plan 9 from outer Space“ spielte. Snip von Wikipedia:

Tor Johnson, born Tor Johansson, (19 October 1903 – 12 May 1971) was a professional wrestler known as The Super Swedish Angel, and occasional actor. He is perhaps best remembered for his roles in a number of B-movies, including police detective turned zombie Inspector Dan Clay in Plan 9 from Outer Space. Since his death he has amassed a cult following due in part to his appearances in the comics of Drew Friedman. Johnson made many appearances in these comics, all of which depicted Johnson acting like his hulking moron movie persona in real life.

Drew Friedman: Tor