Weezer - The 8-Bit Album

Okay, was ist noch fantastischer, als ein Daft Punk 8-Bit-Album? Richtig: Ein Weezer 8-Bit-Album. Chiptunes ist damit komplett. You got your problems, I got my Hash Pipe.

Do you remember that dream you had, where the sound chips from the beloved games consoles of your youth all got together and formed a Weezer tribute band? Yeah? No? OK. That dream is about to come true whether you had it or not.

The songs on this compilation have mostly been created using original videogame hardware running home-brew software, and vary radically in style, from minimal 'one man and his Game Boy' compositions to 8-bit inspired full band performances. Pterodactyl Squad proudly presents the music of Weezer as you have never heard it before.

Weezer - The 8-bit Album (via Waxy)

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