Eineiige Zwillinge, die sich Körperteile teilen (und zwar wörtlich, Warnung: Nichts für Zartbesaitete)

[update] Ist ein Aprilscherz. Ich bin tatsächlich auf einen zehn Jahre alten Aprilscherz hereingefallen. Argh! War spät gestern.

Okay, das hier ist ziemlich, ziemlich alt, aber eben auch so dermaßen WTF und krass (falls es kein Fake ist): Ryan und Dave sind eineiige Zwillinge, die sich im Wortsinn Körperteile teilen. So ließ sich der eine einen Arm abtrennen, den sich der andere annähen ließ, und der eine trennte sich ein Stück Finger ab, das sich der andere an den Finger tackerte. Wait, what?


RYAN: After discussing and thinking about it very seriously for about a year, we decided to take the big step. To put it simply, Dave had his entire right arm (since we're left handed) amputated at the shoulder and we surgically reattached it immediately behind my right pectoral muscle.

BME: Wow. If I wasn't looking at it right now I'd never believe it. How was the procedure done?

DAVE: Obviously there was no clinic willing to do a procedure like this (we didn't even bother to ask), so we had to do it all under local anaesthesia since we simply didn't have the facilities to safely administer general anaesthesia. We had a group of two practitioners and two assistants working on us. First we elevated my arm and using an Ace bandage we slowly squeezed all of the blood out of it. Then we tourniquetted as high up on the shoulder it could be, and injected lidocaine into the exsanguinated veins. Almost immediately there was no feeling whatsoever. An amputation knife cut through the skin and muscles, and a bone saw did the final removal. Bleeders were ligated and the wound was cleaned up. This entire part of the procedure took about forty minutes.

Adding and Subtracting (Danke Zigeunermädchen!)