DJ Zebras Woodstock-Mashup-Album: Bootstock

Pünktlich zum 40. Jubiläum des Woodstock Festivals, dem Höhepunkt des Summers of Love 1969, haut DJ Zebra ein Woodstock-Mashup-Album raus.


“Bootstock” is a concept mix created, mixed and produced by DJ Zebra in June 2009, for the Woodstock Festival 40th anniversary. The original songs and sounds come from the “Woodstock” album and movie, and some studio recordings. This mix was aired on July 4th 2009 in the Zebramix radio broadcast, on Virgin Radio France. Thanks to Electrosound, Mighty Mike and Totom for their contribution.

- Introduction
- DJ ZEBRA "Fuck The Hippies"
- Canned Heat introduction
- DJ ZEBRA "Solaar In The Country"
- It's A Free Concert
- DJ ZEBRA "Freedom For The Hobo"
- DJ ZEBRA "Rock Show And Soul Freak"
- Bad Acid
- DJ ZEBRA "Freaks Into Los Angeles"
- Stephen Stills introduction
- DJ ZEBRA "Wooden Ships On The Moon"
- Yoga Teacher
- THE WHO "See Me, Feel Me" (Zebra Remix)
- ELECTROSOUND "Who's Zooming The Who"
- Good Night + Joe Cocker introduction
- DJ ZEBRA "With A Little Help From Soulwax"
- Rainstorm and Announcements + "No Rain"
- DJ ZEBRA "Daft Rain Chant"
- MIGHTY MIKE "Soul Control"
- The Body Is Beautiful
- DJ ZEBRA "I'm Kissing At Home"
- Good Morning
- TOTOM "Street Sweeper Social Volunteers"
- Max Yasgur
- DJ ZEBRA "Fucking Higher"
- Jimi Hendrix introduction
- DJ ZEBRA "Voodoo Shot"
- JIMI HENDRIX "Star Spangled Banner" (Zebra "Dub" Edit)
- DJ ZEBRA "Stereohendrix"

Bootstock (via Mashuptown)