Superman, Batman und Wonder Woman team up with Allahs Superheroes

„The 99“ sind eine Comic-Heldentruppe im Nahen Osten, die die 99 Namen Allahs repräsentieren. In einem demnächst erscheinenden Comic-Mashup mit dem DC Verlag kämpfen sie Seite an Seite mit Superman, Batman und Wonder Woman. Vor noch wenigen Jahren: undenkbar.


They are superheroes battling injustice and fighting evil the Islamic way, and they are teaming up with some of the west's biggest comic book icons. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are among those joining forces with The 99, who personify the 99 attributes of Allah, according to Islamic tradition.

What will unfold on the pages of the collaboration between DC Comics in the US and Teshkeel Comics in Kuwait is yet to be seen, but the appearance of The 99 – who already appear in comics in the Muslim world – alongside archetypal American heroes would have been unlikely during the Bush years. DC Comics' president and publisher, Paul Levitz, believes the cross-cultural project is unprecedented.

DC Comics' superheroes join forces with characters inspired by Allah (via Wonderland)